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Pool Barrier Inspection Services

Meet your official VBA Building Inspector in Pool Barrier Inspections.

With a wealth of experience spanning 40 years in diverse industries, David officially embarked on his journey as a Building Inspector specialising in pool safety in January 2021. Despite his preference for a low profile, David boasts over 500 reviews on his Facebook business profile, highlighting the positive feedback from satisfied clients. Prioritising customer service in an industry often lacking, David identified a significant opportunity and came out of retirement to fill the gap. Beyond Spa & Pool barrier inspections, David takes pride in orchestrating trades to rectify any non-compliance issues. As a seasoned professional, David brings unparalleled dedication and expertise to every aspect of pool safety, with his son following in his footsteps as a certified chippy and budding building inspector in the same domain.

The Process

Pool Barrier Inspections Victoria


Swimming Pool Registration

Prior to pool barrier inspections, you should register your pool with the local council.

On December 1, 2019, Victoria implemented new legislation aimed at enhancing swimming pool and spa safety. These laws bring forth updated registration, inspection and certification mandates for property owners.


Pool Barrier Inspections

Arrange for a thorough inspection of your pool barrier conducted by a certified swimming pool inspector.

After successfully registering your swimming pool or spa, the next important step is to schedule an inspection of the safety barrier. Pool barrier inspections are crucial assessment aims to verify whether the barrier complies with the applicable safety standards.


Submit Compliance Certificate

After pool barrier inspections, submit a certificate of compliance to your council by the specified due date.

Upon confirmation that your safety barrier complies with the applicable standards, the inspector will issue a Certificate of Barrier Compliance. As the owner of the property hosting the pool or spa, it’s your responsibility to promptly submit the certificate to your council within 30 days from the certificate’s issuance.

Local Council

For more details about pool barrier inspections Victoria, reach out to your local council. Once they receive the certificate, they will provide you with a written notice specifying the date of lodgement and the subsequent deadline, set four years after the previous certificate. Please note that a fee is applicable when submitting the certificate to the council. Your cooperation ensures a smooth process in maintaining the safety and compliance of your pool or spa area. Feel free to contact your council for additional information.

Ensuring compliance not only fosters a safer environment but also aligns with the latest regulatory standards for pool and spa safety in Victoria.

Swimming Pool Compliance Costs

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Council Fee

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Pool and spa registration and inspection requirements

Now that you have confidence in the compliance of your swimming pool and spa barrier, it’s time to secure your final inspection by scheduling it promptly.

If you haven’t opted for a consultation, we’ll provide you with a concise checklist to ensure essential criteria are met. This simple step helps mitigate the risk of your pool fence being labeled critically non-compliant, potentially resulting in an “invoice” (not a fine!) from your local government, typically amounting to $385.00 (amount varies by council).

Please note, in the event of a failed initial inspection leading to a necessary second visit, there will be an associated charge. Let’s work together to ensure your pool area meets the standards seamlessly on the first attempt.